RASDA Submission to the Draft National Risk Assessment

The Irish government has produced a draft National Risk Assessment 2021/22, which is a collaborative exercise to identify and discuss significant risks facing the country that feeds into a more detailed risk management processes by individual departments and agencies. As part of this process, they have invited public contributions.

RASDA has submitted the following contribution to the process:
Submission Document

RASDA supporting EarthEx 21 –
Fires & Floods Simulation Exercise

Developed by the Electric Infrastructure Security Council (

With the growing likelihood of shocks that may undermine our way of life, we are faced with the problem that these events lie outside our experience, and therefore render us incapable of responding appropriately.

EarthEx 21 is a dynamic simulated crisis, in which you and your organisation respond to the evolving situation. It is a way to explore hidden vulnerabilities, test our preparedness and response capacities, and provide direction about how we can be better prepared if a real crisis comes along.

There are many different lanes to play, as families, communities, emergency services, public and private sector organizations, power and communication services providers and so on. It’s easy and intuitive to play, and can be done so throughout September and October 2021.

You can register for EarthEx 21 here. However, RASDA would be interested in supporting organisations of any size interested in taking part, and exploring with you how we could take the lessons learned to support on-going preparedness, and encourage a wider public conversation. If you are interested, you can begin by looking here.