Systems risks


While efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, or the emergence of future pandemics and financial crises are obviously important, it is increasingly apparent that we need to prepare for the consequences of disruption. We need to be resilient and prepared not just for what directly happens within our country, but the implications of how disruptions may be transmitted through our interdependencies with the rest of the world.

This includes our preparedness for chronic economic crises, and potential disruptions to the critical infrastructures that sustain our societies such as power, transport, communications, and supply-chains.



We are optimists. By anticipating and facing into uncertainty and our emerging risk environment, we’ll be better able to face these challenges together.

The scale of emerging risk means that preparedness will need to be a whole-of-society effort. In an increasingly polarized and fracturing world, resilience and preparedness can be a source of societal cohesion and agency, and a reminder that we survive and flourish interdependently.